Belle Meade Jewelry & Repair is an exceptional concept in that we're engaged in the repair end of the jewelry business. Our services include vintage antique restoration, ring sizing, watch repair and batteries, retipping of prongs, stone tightening, appraisals, custom jewelry design, eyeglass repair. Making jewelry wearable again, restoring it to its original beauty is our aim.

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  City Antioch , TN
  Zip Code 37011
  Address Belle Meade Plza
  Phone Number (615) 269-3288

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Horrible service, Horrible ethics, Horrible prices, Horrible people!

If zero stars was an option, that is what I would have checked. I took my vintage heirloom engagement ring to Belle Meade Jewelry & Repair to be sized down, when I got it back the band looked horrible. It was lumpy and thinned out in weird spots. I asked Scott (the owner and repairer) about it and he got extremely defensive. I took it to two other reputable jewelers in Nashville and they both concluded that I payed top dollar for a job that was done incorrectly. I went back to ask for the situation to be rectified. Again he got extremely defensive. I took my ring off to show him exactly what I had a problem with. He took it off the counter and proceeded to start grinding down the gold band to "fix" it. Both me and my fiance were yelling for him to please stop and return my ring. He ignored us! When he was done defacing my ring it looked worse. He then began asking us why we were ruining our engagement by complaining! We asked for a simple refund to at least cover the cost of getting it fixed. He again stated that there was nothing wrong with it, that that's what it always looks right when you get rings resized. He then said that if we weren't happy that we could sue him. Long story short: DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR JEWELERY. I was able to take my ring to another jeweler in town that fixed the damage done by Scott at Belle Meade Jewlery and Repair and sized it correctly. It now looks flawless like it should have in the first place.

Value for moneyOver charged us horribly.
Service & supportI've never been treated more disrespectfully.
QualityTerrible! Looked like something I bought at a junk shop!
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • none
  • Sleezy, excessively expensive, no accountability with work, wants extra money to fix his own error

I never thought I'd have to use a complaint board as I have been very lucky in my dealings, but I feel I must warn those who are planning on going here and let everyone know the scam and awful service this one man "store" tries to inflict on it's clients. Forgive the format of the letter as I took pieces from the official complaint left with the BBB and my credit card company.

I ordered a ring from a reputable jeweler online. Unfortunately at size 7.5 it was too big for her. We wanted to get it done quickly as she was so looking forward to it, so my fiancée and I went to a major jeweler in town to resize it. They could not do it on site so recommended that we go to Belle Meade Jewelry about two miles away as it is a one man shop that does resizing, etc. We went there and this is where the silliness began, but I assumed he knew what he was doing. We told him the current size was 7.5 and it needed to be made smaller. He did not size her he only "used his expertise" to say that she was a 6.5 upon seeing how loose it was.

He said he uses a special laser technique and could get it done in under an hour, so we agreed. I came back an hour later without her to pick it up and paid him $163.88. This is for a service that usually runs about 30 to 75 dollars, but I wanted it done and he appeared to be a professional. He had given me and the customer before us the speil about "lasers and super precision" before negotiating on non-set outrageous prices. i.e. I'll do it for 300, no 250, etc.. As soon as I get home, the ring is still way too big. The shine for the enhanced diamond had been tarnished and one of the small stones was missing. (I am not claiming this as the reason for chargeback, only the sizing, but it was still infuriating. The missing stone is listed on the updated receipt.)

We both go back to him to ask him to size it correctly. He patently refuses to measure her and says he will make it a size 6 for an extra 100 dollars. Again he not only didn't measure her, he refused to, saying he does this "by eye". I said this is unacceptable and asked for a refund. He refused. I went back to the large jeweler in town to size her properly and it was of course a 5.5 when they actually used the measurer. I called him the next day to tell him about the ACTUAL size and he said he wouldn't do it and that's just part of the process. If it's part of the process to not make a ring fit, how does he stay in business? I could get no further recourse from him, so I mailed it back to the seller for resizing and because he was a reputable guy he resized it and shipped it back for $60 total (I have enclosed the receipts that detail work and the postage I sent to him). It wound up costing me almost a hundred dollars in addition to get it done that way, but it was worth it.

In summary the merchant sized her incorrectly, wanted to charge more money to do it incorrectly again, and then refused to do anything to fix the situation when we refused to be ripped off again. He declined to refund or fix the situation on two separate occasions as well as two phone calls. Sleazy fellow who has no accountability. Be wary.

Value for moneyFirst round was 5 times more than I eventually paid to my jeweler to d
Service & supportnone whatsoever, counter productive
Qualitywrong size (twice), lost small stone, and took luster off ED
Locationcentral location but in hole in the wall maybe 200 sq. feet
Overall ratingFair

Belle Mead Jewelry & Repair is a godsend! Two weeks ago, while I was out and about on a Saturday night, I accidentally cracked the face of a pretty nice. Read the full review ›