Since 1922, Levys has been servicing the people of Birmingham with all their fine jewelry requirements. We provide jewelry services such as retail and estate appraisals, jewelry and watch repair, laser welding and estate liquidation. For three generations now, Levys has striven to suit and exceed all of your jewelry requirements.

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  City Birmingham, AL
  Zip Code 35203
  Address 2116 Second Avenue North
  Phone Number (205) 251-3381

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I was born on June 5, 1934 in Birmingham, AL and first started working at Levy's on weekends when I was thirteen. I went to Ramsay High School then The University of Alabama before serving 3 years in the US Air Force. After serving in Texas and Germany, I returned to Birmingham in 1959, where I have been practicing law ever since. As my father started to age, I began to take a more active role in the business in 1968-69. Working closely with my father taught me the importance of a business having a close, personal relationship with each customer.

We were born and raised in the business, so we have a lifetime of experience dealing with vintage and estate jewelry. We sell to the local market as well as the international market, which means that we understand the true market value of estate jewelry. We have an A+ Business Rating as well as the top JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade) rating possible. For over 90 years, Levy's has been one of the largest purchasers of jewelry from bank trust officers, accountants, attorneys, individuals and other jewelers in the Southeast.

Gold has long been one of the most precious metals on the globe, and it is the most commonly used material for engagement rings and high-value jewelry. When choosing gold, it is important to consider the look you want. Gold can come in many colors, the most common of which being, yellow, white and rose, but it can also come in blue, green and many other colors when alloyed with certain metals. The intensity of the gold color in yellow gold will also appear different depending on the karat. Gold is a very soft metal and most of the time, jewelry made from pure gold is very soft and delicate.

From the elaborate Georgian and Victorian periods to the cutting edge innovations of the Art Deco and Modernist periods, learn about the history of style and jewelry, why society embraced these new trends when they did and why we cherish them today. Taking proper care of your jewelry can be the difference between a lost stone and piece that lasts generations. Learn the best ways to clean, store and wear your favorite pieces. Why are diamonds significant? What makes some diamonds more valuable than others?

Couldn't have asked for a better experience looking at engagement rings with my girlfriend. Leah was exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable in helping us find what we both wanted. They made the process of shopping for a ring so worth going back to do more business with them. Awesome selection very nice people. As a retired Jeweler/Gemologist i can say one of the largest selection 's of antique jewelry i have seen in one store. The fact they are family owned in Alabama you can't go wrong. My fianc and I bought my engagement ring from Levy's and they made our dream ring come true!

Buying a diamond can be an intimidating process. For many first time diamond buyers, this is one of the most important/stressful financial decisions he or she has ever made. To anyone in this position, it is important to remember that you are making this purchase to symbolize what should be the happiest, most significant moment of your life to date. The following information is intended to educate and assist novice and seasoned diamond buyers in understanding the details important in purchasing a diamond and enjoying the process.