Established since 2000, BeverlyDiamonds aims to offer the widest selection of fine Jewelry ever offered online and doing so at competitive prices whilst providing a safe and personalized service to each customer. As you journey through our website you will witness Jewelry at its finest and prices that are simply irresistible.

All fine Jewelry items at Beverly Diamonds goes through strict quality control checks. We offer only the best diamond selection and each and every single diamond is graded by our certified diamond gemologists.

To keep everyone on the same page as we grow, As the president of Beverly Diamonds I give a personal orientation to every new staff member, and I always stress the point that our customers are relying on us to come through for them. They're putting themselves on the line, designing and ordering custom products for a wedding, event, or business that's important to them, and they need to know that we'll deliver outstanding-looking custom products on time. If we make a mistake, it has an impact and that's a big deal to us, because it's a big deal to you. It's not about numbers, it's about people.

We love coming to work every day we're among friends here, and we're challenged to innovate and take ownership over our work while being creative in our jobs and focusing our attention on making our customers happy. We get to enjoy casual dress code, fun events, and an overall positive energy. In short, we're inspired.

You'd think that running a successful business would be strictly about the bottom line. But the amazing thing is, it's not at all actually caring about others and taking pride in our work through the core values of The Golden Rule, Ownership, and Innovation makes all the difference. We're inspired to do our best every day, and the bottom line takes care of itself.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Beverly Diamonds.

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  Person Michael Sakhaei
  City Los Angeles, CA
  Zip Code 90013
  Address 550 S. Hill st. Suite #542
  Phone Number (213) 228-8994

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Michael Sakhaei


  • I would recommend this business
  • Price, Service, Quality. Designed for the average person who wants the most for thier money.
  • Only carry 2 Shapes: Princess & Round. Only carry 2 Clarities: VS2 & SI1, Only carry 1 Color: F.


Ring arrived on 03/30/11, and it is absolutely spectacular.
I was skeptical of buying a SI ring online without seeing it first, but the stone is beautiful. It is eye clean, and you can barely make out a carbon deposit under a 300x microscope.
The cut is terrific, the stone has so much "fire" that it was difficult to take pictures without getting glare.
The color is clear, no hint of yellow at all.

I am extremely happy and impressed that I got a 2.95 carat total weight Platinum ring (2 carat Center stone) for under $7000. is hands down the best deal in $/(Quality Carat). I Highly recommend to everyone.

Compare it to any other site's equivalent ring, you will be amazed at the value.

As promised in my previous post here are pictures of the ring as received and under the microscope.

Scott D.

Value for moneyBest deal around, hands down.
Service & supportVery helpful & Informative.
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Price, Service, Quality. Designed for the average person who wants the most for thier money.
  • Only carry 2 Shapes: Princess & Round. Only carry 2 Clarities: VS2 & SI1, Only carry 1 Color: F.

I been searching for an engagement ring for about 2 weeks now. I did my research, set my budget and started looking for the perfect ring.
I searched high and low at local jewelry stores as well as online at sites. I started narrowing down my search based on my budget. As far as my criteria went I was searching for the most bang for the buck, Carat & Quality to cost ratio.
I set my budget for approximately $7000.

Based on this I looked at everything from small approximately 1ct Center Diamonds:
One example from:
Carat: .91 Cost $5500
Cut: Ideal Color: D
Clarity: SI1 Shape: Round
This would have left me with $1500 for the setting, and I would like a platinum mount since it holds up better vs time.

Needless to say, I was not happy with this. I continued to search around, that is when I found

At first I could not believe the price, I thought this had to be some kind of scam or gimmick. I called up the company and after talking to Matt (Sales Rep), I felt very comfortable about making a purchase.

The Specs on the Ring I bought are unbelievable for the price:,
Item # : a998 2.95 ctw round cut diamond engagement ring
Center Stone
Carat: 2.00 Cost $5500
Cut: Very Good Color: F
Clarity: SI1 Shape: Round

Metal: 950 Platinum
Additional Diamonds .95 ctw

Total Weight: 2.95 ctw

Total Cost: $6768.16 (I Bought it during a blowout sale. At the time of writing this the sale ended and price increased to $7,444.98. The price is still astoundingly cheap.)
This also includes:30-Day Money Back Return, GRA Certificate, Free Shipping & Insurance, Free Deluxe Gift Box, and Free ring sizing.

Matt also told me if down the road I wanted to increase to a larger diamond or better clarity stone all I need to do is send the ring in and pay the difference.

Just to put this in perspective:
A equivalent diamond costs $21,631!
(This doesn't include the setting either.)

I am giving a 5-Star rating based on customer support and cost at the moment. This review will be updated once the ring is received.

I will link received pictures of my ring for viewing, I also have access to a 300x microscope so I will give very high quality magnified photos of the ring.
I also plan on getting the stone independently appraised to confirm the value and quality of the ring.

Stay posted for a updated review(s).

- Scott, D

Value for moneyBest deal around, hands down.
Service & supportVery helpful & Informative
Overall ratingExcellent

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Beverly Diamonds has been creating fine jewelry since 2002. We've been located in Los Angeles, California, since then. This family-owned business has provided high quality yet affordable engagement rings and fine jewelry, and has served more than 50,000 happy customers. We are a family-oriented company that treats everyone as one of its members. Our dedication has led to an increasing number of team members that provide personal support to consumers. We work as a team but most importantly, we see ourselves as one big, happy, and well-functioning family.

All fine Jewelry items go through strict quality control checks. We have offer only the best diamond selection and each and every single diamond is graded by Gemological Laboratory.

Picking a ring that you feel your beloved deserves, while keeping to a budget, is no mean feat. Happily, there are several engagement ring financing options available if you need to finance your diamond ring, from loans, to financing and even credit cards. In order to access the best plans, your credit rating has to be in an almost flawless condition. A low credit score will only give you access to lower-rate loans. If you you credit score is a bit dicey, there is bad credit engagement diamond ring financing options you can opt for.

At Beverly Diamonds, we only purchase diamonds through respected suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, popularly known as KPCS, is a process designed to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources which are free of conflict. The process was established in 2003 to prevent rebel groups and their rivals from financing their war aims from diamond sales. The certification scheme prevents these "blood diamonds" from entering the mainstream rough diamond market.

If you are unsure of the value of your item, our professionals can appraise the piece for you. There is no risk involved, If you aren't happy with our offer, you simply keep your jewelry. With a foundation of honest operations, we keep our entire process fully transparent, ensuring our clients are completely satisfied. Whether you have fine jewelry you have inherited, were given, or previously purchased, start by completing our contact form. A member of our professional team will contact you at your preference and guide you through the appraisal and acquisition process.

Wedding rings are the symbol of 2 people joining together. Our popular wedding rings are the best way to uphold that symbol and stay committed. Beverly Diamonds Wedding rings are made with top of the line materials that will last forever. These beautiful rings are perfect not just for weddings but can be gifted for other special occasions. Browse our fine collection of men and women wedding bands. Be amazed at its affordability and quality.

If you are approved, simply select an engagement ring from our website and add it to your cart, and purchase it using your financing snap discover card just like a regular credit card by selecting the credit card option on our checkout page. To start your layaway-plan call us at 1-855-456-8334 or simply select an engagement ring of your choice from our website and select the layaway option at the checkout page. You will now have a remainder of 12 months to complete all your payments and if you wish you can complete your payments sooner.

We stand behind every product we sell and we want you to experience total ease & satisfaction in your purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund or exchange, (See below for eligibility). Once your returned item is received and accepted, your refund or new item will be processed shortly. Our Quality Assurance department will review the returned item. Any items that show signs of wear or have been altered, resized (by a jeweler other than Beverly Diamonds), or damaged cannot be accepted for return.