Elegant creative jewelry designs with 'Beauty, Grace and Power(tm)". From concept to finished piece, I work with my clients step-by-step to create luxury quality jewelry at affordable prices that will meet or exceed your expectations. Superior craftsmanship, hand picked colored gems and ideal cut diamonds make every jewelry piece something special. I am a pleasure to work with and my expertise creates the best value when jewelry is the perfect way to show love or to reward yourself for a job well done. I offer my time freely to discuss any jewelry question or project. Why not call me today?

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  • Elegant original jewelry creations, fine Diamonds and Colored Gemstones in all price ranges
  • Corporate logo Elegance in Advertising program, Romodeling and Restoration of Jewelry

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  • GIA Diamond Grading and Colored Gems, Diamond Council of America Certified Diamondologist
  • Member of the American Gem Trade Association, Better Business Bureau

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  • Greater Delaware-Philadelphia area

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  • Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders, Personal Checks, VISA, Cash

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  Person Royal Jewelry Design by Alan
  City Wilmington, DE
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Royal Jewelry Design by Alan

Jewelry Designer

Alan Sklut's love for jewelry design and precious gems was sparked during the early '80's. His keen eye for quality opened doors in the fine gem and jewelry markets which gave him entr'e into the fine jewelry trade. His taste was cultivated and creative energies were encouraged while attending the major gem and jewelry trade shows throughout the United States. His original pieces have appeared along side some of the best known North American jewelry designers and manufacturers in the annual American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Awards Jewelry Competition.

Alan is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and a graduate of the University of Delaware. His greatest joy is knowing that his jewelry brings people closer together and families will have heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations.

Products & Services

Aquamarines and other beryls

Aquamarines and other beryls

Beautiful sky blues to deep rich colors in small sizes makes our collection special. We leave thos washed out aquas to the national chain and mall jewelers and hand pick our gems for exceptional values to you. Gems are priced from $60 per carat to typically not more than $450pc for our very best that you will see in finer stores at $1000pc.

All Shapes, sizes, matched pairs and suites are all available. Full money back guaranty for beauty and value. Our sources for these precious gems include South America, Nigeria and Afghanistan. While virtually all gems in stores are heat treated, we have many fine gems that are totally natural without any treatments.

Offered here is a sample of our finest small gems. A pair of 7 x 5mm matched pair of oval gems, 1. 53ct total weight. This is the only pair exactly like this, but we have more on hand for you.
Aquamarine is part of the Beryl mineral group. Aquamarines are the most know variety but the gem comes in a host of soft beautiful colors. Sometimes Aquas have a hint of green and sometimes the green can be a beautiful mint tone. Bright golden yellows are wonderful, and the cariety known as Morganite is a pastel pink tone. The blue colors typically have the most value per carat, and while the other colors are less expensive; they are very beautiful and a wonderful value.

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Tourmalines - Imagine any color

About $800 for the set.
Tourmalines - Imagine any color

Tourmalines are one of our favorite gems because if you can imagine a color, the tourmaline group has a gem for you. Sometimes as low as $20 per carat, usually under $500pc and often much less even for top quality gems; there are some varieties that sell for $700 to $1000pc and even $10, 000pc.

Tourmaline is one of two birthstones for October (opal is the other) with the pink color being the best known and a woman's first color preferance for this gem. Other colors have varietal names such as Rubellite (red) , Indicolite (blue and blue-green) and Pariaba (Windex blue) . The also come in slices often names "Watermelon" for its green and pink zones, multi-colors in one gem crystal and the unfinished crystals make great pendants.

Our picture shows you a beautiful set of 7mm trillion tourmalines from Nigeria. Some have multicolors in earth tones and the set sells for only $80 per carat. These gems are untreated

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