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Very unfriendly.

I just don't know what to say about the job you've done for me. You are just the best!! I'm really looking forward to work with you again.Thanks for the great service! Everything looks wonderful.

I picked out this ring because it matched my wedding set. My husband and I are renewing our wedding vols and we wanted to give rings to each other on that day. When I received the ring it was so beautiful but so much larger than my wedding set combined. I contacted Abit for his professional

My grandfather did business with this place, my father did business with this place, I do business with this place, and now, even my kids have bought some things there. This is the most trustworthy jeweler in Arizona.

I would highly recommend Troy Jewelers if you need a repair or would like something custom made. I found this place calling around to see who can make a.

My husband and I were referred to Rainbow Jewelers to have a wedding band made since my engagement ring did not come with a matching band. Michael had one created for me to match perfectly. We are 100% satisfied customers! I also purchased my husband's wedding band at Rainbow for a very reasonable

Great little family owned business. They were friendly on the phone and knew what I needed when I came in. They take pride in their work and do a fantastic job! Will definately reccommend this local business!

This place fixed my watch battery in a few minutes for a good price.

Bewrae of these guys. They will be VERY nice to you up front, but if you need to return an item, their facade will change immediately. The store's return policy is not mentioned in their printed material. I tried to resolve my dispute with the local Better Business Bureau (of which they are

I got married and wanted to use my grandmother's wedding ring. It was really old and had been through a lot. I took it there and they did an OUTSTANDING job restoring it to a beautiful finish. The prices were excellent. The ring is beautiful, and they were fast and friendly! I will be going

My father gave me a ring when I was in my early teens. It is a Claddagh made of gold. I needed a repair done on this ring and took it to Victor Jewelry.

You may THINK you have seen diamonds but until you've been to this ultra sleek jewelry store. you aint seen nothin. I have never seen diamonds sparkle.

I have to comment on the amazing service I received from Jack, our new family jeweler. There are not that many specialized jewelers around anymore who can work with antique pieces. I took my grandmothers jewelry and Jack redesigned them in a more updated look. Right there in his shop! It was

I love this store. It is a family owned business with the son and his parents. My husband bought my anniversary ring there, and I have received so many.

After being accustomed to large stores in LA, this Tiffany location seems very small. Their lack of square footage is made up immediately by their wonderful.

Awesome service. We went in to have some links removed from a new watch and they did it while we were there very promptly and were extremely nice and helpful. We will definately go back.

Icing isn't usually my kind of store. It's filled with that cheap, plastic jewelry I used to love in high school, and you'll find tweens in there all the.

I could have done almost all of my Christmas shopping here. Well - I did a good bit of it here as it was. Mom got a real turquoise bracelet - about 2- to.

Gilbert Ortega has one of the most amazing displays of native american art, the first time I went with a friend of mine the Ceo Robin came out personally.

Very easy and simple to navigate. Also very informative and simple. No one can get lost on this website.

I bought a ring here and had many problems with it. He charged me to fix it-eventhough I purchased it there. I think that is wrong

You know, it's not that I can't afford Montblanc. It's just that I'm not really sure if this is truly where I want my next 14 mortgage payments to go. I.

So, when you get married, you have to buy rings. This sucks. Especially if you have grandma's engagment ring, and what you had in mind for a wedding band.

Talk about great customer service and affordable prices!It's a non-chain mom and pop jeweler hidden in an off the beaten path stip mall. It is really.

There was a long wait at Nello's so I decided to walk around and look at the stores nearby. I walked into Miranda Jewelry and it blew me away! The jewelry.

My sweetheart and I ordered my engagement ring from Krikawa (crick-uh-wah, but said really fast) Jewelry Designs. We ordered the carved curls band, and.

Mr. Mendez was so nice he calls himself the do more jeweler and now I know his prices on repairs are also truly wholesale.I give him a 4 star rating.

I have walked by this place dozens of times. Being inspired by my name, I should probably have stopped in here more often. The one time I did (to have a.

Christopher made our engagement ring and then customized a wedding ring to match. It is unique and I always get compliments. He gave us an amazing deal and also helped us with my husband's ring. His staff was always friendly, knowledable and supportive. He is off the beaten path but if you

By far the best customer service and knowledgeability

I got my wife's wedding ring here for a great price with high quality diamonds! The service was excellent and took the time to show me various diamonds before I chose. Thanks!

This is a neat little consignment shop in Scottsdale. The ladies who work there are really friendly and fun to talk with. The store itself is a little.

He did a great job with our wedding rings and engagement ring. Very intuitive and straight forward.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. What a great find! Next husband I have, is getting a wedding band from this store. Very manly looking designs, beautiful,.


This is a great family run, 30+ years in the business. They carry and specialize in authentic Indian/Native American made jewelery and artifacts.

Maybe I just like this place because the lady that worked here was flirting with me and kept saying how cute I am. I have no reason to go to a jewelry.

Oh no. my suitcase is already filled with clothes from Express and Macy's, and now I have to squeeze in souvenirs from this store! Unfortunately the.

5 stars drunk or notI am a huge fan of Forever 21! Yeah, yeah, yeah, enough with the sweatshop complaints. Poverty stricken people in developing.

Awesome store with the best selection of high end watches in the valley. If you love watches, you will love this store.

Beautiful. cool.very calming store. 9/24/2008 My friend recommended that I come to have my wedding ring cleaned and checked.The owner Boris cleaned and inspected and informed me that my diamonds needed to be tighten.He took the time to show me the problem. I left the ring and picked up following