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My folks live in Fort Collins, Colorado and I visited them to introduce my fiance and announce our engagement 2 years ago.. During our visit we came accross a fine jeweler's shop in old town Ft. Collins and met Susan Amador-who ended up designing our engagement ring and wedding bands. Even

We had an excellent experience with Susan Amador. Two years ago we decided to utilize several heirloom pieces of jewelry and have them made into new designs and distribute them as gifts for the holidays to immediate family. Everyone LOVED their gifts that year...many said it was the best

Finding Susan Amador when we needed someone very talented & trustworthy to manifest our wedding rings - ( using my great Grandmother's diamonds ) was nothing short of a modern day miracle! Susan spent time interviewing us about our lifestyle and walked us through step by step with the design

This truly a 'gem' of a store. Richard is knowledgeable and always willing to take his time with a client. He has a very creative collection. I had previously been to Trice Jewelers for a quote for a repair - their quote came back at $130.00. I went to Richard - the same work was $20.00. Thanks

I bought off of ebay and had 10 days to return if it didn't go well. I was nervous as hell but it turned out to be no problem. I had the seller ship directly to him and he did his work in 2 days. Everything was great. I got a killer deal. I then used a jeweler in Denver to take it out of the

Ted Blum offers a wide range of exceptional jewelry services at a very reasonable cost. Rather than a retail store, Jewelers Services is an owner operated workshop, and this is apparent the instant you walk in. All repairs are done in house, and you will be speak with the person doing the actual

This is a great store! Personal service, always willing to go the extra mile. And they handle the little things, watch batteries replaced right now.

Unmatched in service, that is what Shane Company is. Sure, he has dry commercials, but you won't find a better place to deal with for jewelery.Shane.

I instantly fell in love.As a regular wearer of gargantuan pendants, this is the most beautiful store in the world to me. Rows, and rows, and endless rows.

My children gave me a beautiful Mothers Pin for Christmas last year. The story related to me was of the fun they had working with the staff at Larkspur Fine Jewelry. My kids said the staff was very helpful, offering suggestions and working within their budget. I have a wonderful piece of jewelry

Great store, nice people and got a great ring for a good price. Were prompt in getting it sized and let me use an online only coupon in the store after I made the purchase in the store so I was very pleased!

Whatever you're looking for, you can find it, or order it here. Sarah (the store manager-formally the manager in the Longmont store) is exceptionally.

We searched and searched for a unique and special setting to put my grandmother's diamond in for my wedding ring. My step Mom recommended this place and.

A little jewelerright next to my post office.Hard working and quaintA quiet, unassuming shop in downtown Littleton with reasonable prices and honest.

I'm pretty much the biggest fan of earrings in this state, maybe even on this continent. And what I really love are unique designs. You know, the kind of.

This is a low-pressure, multi-generational family run jewelry store that also does repairs. My wife and I bought our wedding and engament rings here. We were not pressured at all to buy an expensive diamond. They helped me sell an old Rolex watch to help offset the costs. When I lost my wedding

Fixed my watch band as I waited. Price was good and service was great. Definately on my preferred list.

Courtesy Pawn is my favorite type of pawn shop. They buy and sell nearly anything you could want.JewelryGunsElectronicsToolsThe size of the store is.

The news last night reported a family used a stroller to hijack and steal a bronze sculpture from this gallery. Everyone from Grandma down to Junior was.

Look up or else you might miss this fantastic boutique! It's located on the upper level of the building, so you must walk up some stairs to get there. But.

Proprietor is very friendly and seems very honest. I took my wedding set and my husband's ring in to get them polished and they both came back shiny and.

This place is great! Local artists selling their stuff in a cooperative type environment. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff is really just tchotckes, but.

Of all the retail purchases you will make, a diamond may be the most important and the most harrowing. My husband stumbled upon Jay Feder when he bought.

Craig Dawson knows his stuff! Don't be alarmed by the small store front and old school look of the place. He has some beautiful jewelry here and if he.

Thank you dude at Zales Jewelers for replacing my watch battery for free! This may never happen to you, my fellow yelpers, since it was the last of its type.

They have moved to overland trail, in Ft. collins Phone # is the same

Though this is in the heart of Cherry Creek and you have to ring a door bell to get in, the people don't treat you all chi chi. I have 2 precious family.

What a fun place. for me to play. If you're ready to go undercover and be someone completely new. try on a wig and let your alter-ego appear.

Hands down the best jeweler I've ever been to. They're not snobbish on approach, very informative about what they sell, and patient while you make your.

This place is the original Hot Topic. The owner was asked to franchise FashioNation, and declined. The asker, then opened Hot Topic. The family that owns.

This place makes me feel okay about spending money on stuff that people don't really need. I didn't give myself enough time here today, but in my 15 minute.

The physical location of Studio Bead is now closed! Boo! However now Joy is looking forward to working more on her own work and selling goodies on etsy. You.

One of the best things I could say about Tiffany's is that they're not judgmental. I have walked in there dressed in multiple attire- an engineer, a.

I found Pepperdine's Marking Supplies to be very professional and the staff extremely accommodating in my needs for marking supplies. They do excellent work and they stand behind their products 100%.

IT AIN'T EASY BEIN' GREASY. I MEAN GREEN.Omerica Organic on the other hand is as green as it gets! Omerica uses 100% wind energy and they plant trees.