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I found Prospectors Pouch on Pinterest. There was a wonderful and unique necklace that I saw and knew that it was the perfect gift for my mother. I bought the piece and my mother loved it. It is so interesting and my experience with them was great.

I was pleasantly surprised at their selection. I also had a ring repaired and was pleased with the work and the turn around time. I will visit this store again.

I bought my girlfriends engagement ring from Prospector's Pouch for Christmas. They gave me awesome service and pricing.

My family and I have been using Prospectorís Pouch for years now and we always have a great experience. I have bought the most beautiful and unusual jewelry from CR and Eileen. Itís nice to have such a great selection to choose from and they are always wonderful to visit with. I wouldnít

Prospectorís Pouch is a full service jeweler with great small town service. The selection is great and they have a lot of unique and unusual pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. Highly recommend!

I have been looking for weeks trying to find a bracelet for my girlfriend. As soon as I went to Farsi Jewelers I was greeted and helped immediately. They answered all my questions and found the bracelet I was looking for. I would never go anywhere else! They really take the time to understand

Mr. Yelverton has designed several pieces of jewelry for my wife, including a sapphire and diamond cross and a sapphire and diamond ring, which she wears night and day and which she has been complimented on many times!. He has also mounted a magnificent aquamarine and diamond ring for her..

If you're looking for something unique, or have an idea of what you're looking for, but just have never seen it, this is the place to go. I just give him my parameters - color, length, etc and he comes up with a beautiful piece every time! And he always puts the magnet closures on my pieces!

My best friend purchased me a braclet and I absolutely love it. The quality is great and I have never worried about the magnetic connector while wearing it. Hope to attend a show so I can look at other style of jewelry.

Jewelry is very unique and I am very pleased with the quality, prices and craftsmanship. Excellent customer service! New listings on Etsy - make sure to check out their Etsy shop!

Best Quality and Reliable Service. Impressive!

We walked in the store very casually dressed(shorts and t-shirts) as we were tourist visting Savannah! We were looking at Rolex watches and were approached by a black lady stating, WE HAVE USED ROLEXES OVER HERE. What she failed to realize is we could have bought 10 Rolex watches that day and

Just visited Theo's yesterday, I had two watches checked and changed out the watch bands, wonderful job and never over charge, always treated fairly I'm a return long-term customer at this point. I may stop by with a watch or time piece every 6 months or a year or so. Can't recommend Theo's

We love doing business with Yelverton Jewelers. Very good customer service. Rich and Angie

Yeah the commercials are annoying, and Tom Shane's droning voice makes me want to punch babies, but the customer service and selection at Shane Co really is.

Great service and very helpful! Their jewelry is beautiful and affordable. The best part is once they sell you jewelry they continue to provide services. I got my ring resized 6 months later and get is cleaned every month with no charge for either. Great jewelry store!

Great! The most un-stuffy jewelry experience ever. Very helpful staff - they went the extra step to help me.

I had my grandmother's diamond that I wanted to add it to make a 3 stone platinum ring for my fiance. I looked at a lot on the Internet and those who advertised on the radio. So many that it made my head spin. My parents have used Al Atkins for 20 years, but I thought that it cost more if I

Unique items not found anywhere else. Perfect for that hard to shop for person. Nice local in town location.

Great at what he does and very reasonable. Great repairman. Old fashion jewelry store.the way stores used to be and should be.

When it comes to the man who engraves your jewlery BEWARE! He is egocentric, arrogant and ruined my jewelry and even when he knew he was wrong he did not apologize and tried to pass it off as everyone's fault but his. When I called to try and have the situation fixed, the creep told me he'd

This is a great jewelry store. Very personal service. You can also find The Official Barnesville Ornaments at The Jewelry Store. Lots of fine jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver, and handmade gold bracelets. Excellent selection of watches. They also do jewelry repair. Ask for Mike or Thomas.

Great store! I have been going to Roger for over 20 years now and I am always pleased. His creations are beautiful, he has a talent. I have seen what other stores in the area are putting out there. I would not use anyone else. Roger always has top stones. Not to mention he is a super person!


Isn't it inspiring when people make completely crazy career moves? I love hearing stories like these, and especially when the second career translates into.

Excellent collection and superb service. Will recomend to visit. Very good prices. All others are a rip off. I got it almost 20% cheaper at Meena Jewelers.

The finest jewelry store I've ever dealt with. They have custom made several pieces for me. The folks that run the store are great people and are very eager to please you. I've known them for about thirty years now and would not consider doing jewelry business anywhere else.

Sam helped me design the most beautiful ring for my 10th Wedding Anniversary. I get so many compliments on my ring. Sam and his staff are high class! Wish you the best in your new location!

Just like Lauren, I wasn't going to Yelp this. My pal Stacy turned me onto Hur a couple of years ago around the time she was shopping for jewelry for her.

It is a neat and unique store with stuff from Bali, Africa, India, Pakistan and Brazil. We were real lucky to purchase some dirt cheap and fashionable.

Great service and prices! Mr. Kim and his wife are very warm and have been serving the Decatur/Atlanta are for more than 25 years. They take great pride in their work. I highly recommend them.

I went here based on a recommendation for getting my engagement ring repaired - the antique band was so thin from previous enlarging that it had finally.

Went in to just get a battery changed on an approx $110 watch (just trying to say it wasn't a rolex). Was enthusiastically greeted upon arrival and even after they discovered why i was there. They not only changed the battery but informed me that the waterproof gasket was wearing but not due

It even smells like creativity in here. Sniff hard and you'll likely feel your own artistic yearnings.ShopSCAD is a boutique-gallery with wares from SCAD.

I love this beautiful little jewelery store in Decatur. Brett is the owner, he is always there and ready to chat and help you with whatever you need. He is.

If you haven't been, you MUST. I have been a customer of H&A for over 10 years. I have never been disappointed. Quality is remarkable and the prices are.

Accessories anyone? Claire's is home to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other costume jewelry. Let's not stop there because there's also hair.

Who knew you could make your own beaded jewelry in Buckhead? I just learned this was possible. At Brina Beads there are hundreds of beads to choose from.

Inarguably one of the most exquisite, stunning selections of jewelry in Atlanta. Clearly it depends on your style, but if diamonds and semi-precious stones.

I was at Alexander's of Atlanta, and had some time to spare, so I decided to pop in this place to see if it was any good. Much to my delight, I was able to.

Tiffany & Co. - every girl's dream! At least, that's one of my dreams. My fiance and I decided to do some ring shopping - or dreaming in this case! We were.

Dear Santa -Can I have one of everything in this store for Christmas? David Yurman makes the most unique designs and uses cool stones like whiskey topaz.

My husband and I had my ring made from his Mothers engagement and modeled after a ring I loved from Tiffany's. The Tiffany's ring is a setting that flatters.

Since the demise of L5P's Soulkiss, there was something missing from this shopping district- unique jewelry and fabulous imports that can be otherwise hard.

Midtown residences, Amsterdam Walk is located at the bottom of an incline on Amsterdam Avenue off of Monroe Drive in Midtown. When you drive past As.

Real deal folks. Do NOT take your jewelry to a mall or brick and mortar store. At worst, they will lie. At best, they will tell you what you want to hear.

My jewelry needs are much more pedestrian than Jill G's. I have a water-resistant wristwatch whose battery died a while back, and I've been asking around.

I love Solomon Brothers! My now husband purchased my engagement ring there, we also purchased our wedding bands and a pair of diamond earrings as well. We.