Nebraska Jeweler Reviews

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I definitly felt like I was back in my old Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco when I visited this place and the pricetags definitly reminded me.

We had a LOT of old jewelry and some gold that my wife no longer wanted and did not wear. He bought it from us at a reasonable price. I definately recommend this business.

I'm not a jeweler and I don't know tons about the business, but these people treat you right, and if something goes wrong, they take care of it.

All the stores are wonderful and I always get such good service. They try to help you in anyway and if you have a budget they will stay right in there for you

You need diamonds. Where do you go? You could go to that pretentious big ole store everyone always drools about.or you could go to Helzberg's at Oakview.

Always a pleasure to shop here And the people are super awesome! Great place to check out!

Be sure to work with Doc, you can't go wrong from there.