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Quality Merchandise & Quality Customer Service all in one Comfortable atmosphere!

I forgot to place my annual plaque order with Chuck and it was Oh my God Monday. I needed them for the Big Corporate meeting 11:00 am on Wednesday in Hawaii. To my surprice the wonderful man said no problem, I will stop everything and I will overnight to you. We are talking 150 plaques 8 x

I am very displeased with the service I received. I saved for a very long time to have my grandmothers ring repaired. I was told that I needed to have the ring sized if I wanted it to stand up to everyday wear, so I spent the extra money. The ring held for less than 30 days. I wish I would

Topkick is one of those places that's been around since I can remember. They have an absolutely mammoth amount of merchandise and are always getting new.

11/20/2007 Posted by geobek1105 I went to EE Robins, not knowing anything about engagement rings or diamonds. EE Robins taught me to look at quality. I became dangerous with knowledge. It is not about the price of the diamond that makes the sale, it is the connection to the ring and diamond

LOVE THIS PLACE.I FEEL SO COMFORTABLE HERE.in this unbalanced world!Jewelry.stones,.gemstones.books.etc

This place is big and nice. The prices are very reasonable.!

Chris and Joann are fantastic artists. Last year I was in their shop and didn't see anything in particular I liked. They designed a celtic knot pendant with an Australian fire opal as the center piece for me, with matching earings! It is the most beautiful piece I have seen and I recieve many

My family has always had superior customer service. We have shopped there for over 20 years! OUr dauther just had her ears pierced. They worked as a team to pierce her ears and it was quick and painless. Before they did the actual piercing, they used a marker and made a dot on the ear lobe

We went to the Shane Co in Tukwila. We felt very comfortable and I felt that they had our best interests in mind. We visited many, many jewelry stores and.

I just wanted to update: THIS STORE NO LONGER EXISTS! I believe the owner still has her online store, unfortunately I don't know the web address. This store.

Thank you for rebuilding my engagement ring, you did an awesome job, I like it better now than I did before!

I have been dealing with Rings & Things since I moved to the Port Orchard area.and in the 13 years, I have never been disappointed with the work. The workmanship is excellent, the customer service is great! I have had repairs, have bought new jewelry and have had custom jewelry made.everthing

I have never come into a store where the sales people really want to help and enjoy helping you find the right gift. Even bring in a ring for repair they took my mother's wedding ring and made it look like new. I think the key word here is they really care. But I think that is because they

No matter how many times I've called or visited the store for help, Dan has been nothing but polite and informative. He genuinely seems to love what he does and is one of those geeks who does live and breathe computers. D and D will help you with setups or personal computer troubles, and they

Hello? I love you. Won't you tell me your name?Vintage rules. There's nothing better than finding a really cute dress that fits, is affordable and even.

I had a platinum ring resized here and they did an amazing job. They do platinum resizing the right way (laser welding, replace metal using actual platinum).

Choc full of the best chotzkies Spokane has to offer. If you house isn't full of enough crap already, then obviously you haven't been to the Wonders of the.

The Bead Factory is perhaps the PERFECT bead store!I'm serious; I've been to bead stores far and wide as I make jewelry as a hobby (maybe more some day).

The jeweler that we used in Chicago (http://www.yelp.com/biz/GPUB9ot4mjoobwm1VUHKMg#hrid:LnmNVPZ6sHUm3evay-mAHw?fsid=iYj8i7_n209aoGUI2L5PIw)was unreliable.

This is the best store to get very reasonably priced jewelry that is pretty unique. The salespeople are very nice. A nice balance between accomodating and.

This pawn shop is very clean and well organized. They don't have a huge amount of stock but if you're searching for something and need it for a pretty good.

Twist is my favorite jewelry store. If you want something unique and full of character, this is where to shop. They have pieces in every price point here.

Sketchy neighborhood, but the owner is the most honest, reliable, and efficient FFL I've encountered. $25 for transfers, handguns or pistols, and open 7.

The little silver and gold hearts made her smile. She remembered all those happy years of marriage. A love that sparkled as much as the light reflecting off.

Ahhh! The symbol of his everlasting love for me. Just thinking about it puts me on Cloud 9. Oui OuiThey say the day of your wedding, you're supposed to be.

What an amazing showroom you have! Exceptional quality, exceptional prices, and exceptional variety. I am absolutely in love with all the finds that Bob.

This place is top notch. I don't know where I first learned of Laura Bee, since I'm from out of state and all, but I've long drooled over the creations via.

L T Denny is the BEST. I went in a few months ago to fix another jeweler's really, really bad custom work I had done on an engagement ring. Now, I realize.

Mark and his staff have been absolutely stellar! They made our wedding ring experience seemless and fun. I would recommend that you give EE Robbins your business!

Ooohh mmmmmThat sums everything up.I love this place; I am not original in saying that.The gods, the variety, the personable staff.Ok I wish I coudl.

Fair Trade + Non-Profit + Kick-Ass Stuff + Good People (volunteers)= Guilt-free and happy to helpMy wife and I set up our wedding registry here. We also.

This place is fantastic. Do you love fossils? Quartz? Mystic crystal revelations (okay, I can only guarantee the crystal part of that one)? Then this is.

I love this store. I want everything in it! Not only is the jewelry fabulous, the selection of housewares had me drooling.I'm more of a housewares kind of.

Firedog actually hired me to do their SEO for both the website and blog. It turns out that a good friend of mine, Peadar, was inline for a promotion at his.

When I told 3 of my guy friends that my boyfriend and I are shopping for engagement rings, they all said 'Don't you want to be surprised?' HELLO, do you.

Ever since I spied the kissing swallows Edie necklance on a co-worker, I've been in love with Kimberly Baker. My love was further cemented by a gift of.

My best wedding shopping experience was with Brandy of Abaloria. She used to be a wedding planner but she decided to make jewelry instead, and she is very,.

This is one of my favorite stores in Seattle. It's unique and stylish. You can definitely find something fun for that special friend, especially that friend.

The Hunger Site is a great place to get gifts for the holidays or any other time of year. The company typically donates 25-50 cups of food, for each item.

Whoever said Diamond's are a girl's best friend, obviously shopped at Wyatt's Jewelers in Westwood Village. My husband wanted to do something really nice.

Went there to recycle some cast iron DWV pipes. They don't buy cast iron, because of plumetted iron prices. but I just gave it to them. I was served by.

Really nice folks who will fix your watch honestly and fairly and tell you the truth. and their costs for replacing your watch battery, battery included are about the same as the costs for just getting the battery retail many other places. about 11 bucks or so. love this place.

They dropped their pants! This store used to be called Fancy Pants and now they are just Fancy.Which is pretty darn appropriate seeing as how the.

Love this Jeweler! Kevin Crane Designed and made my wedding ring, it is beautiful and extremely unique. Everywhere I go I get compliments on it. I highly recommend Crane Jewlers if you're looking for something rare and unique, but also if your looking for something traditional and classic.

Bouncing Wall has a collection of clothing, art, jewelry, and other gifts from over 100 local designers. The best place to find a unique gift. Revival Ink.