Washington D.C. Jeweler Reviews

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Could not have asked for a more considerate, helpful experience. The jewelry was high quality and the service was superb. I will definitely recommend to all of my friends.

I originally went to Town Jewelers to get my watch battery replaced. Once I stepped into the store, I noticed their beautiful collection of antiques. After talking to the owner of the shop and looking at a couple of antique pieces. I decided to buy a diamond antique ring from the 1920's, I

Very quality store that you don't see now a days. Family owned business and all very respectful and helpful to the t. I recommend this store to all of my friends and family and would recommend them to all of you! This store has been around for over 25 years and my entire family has gone since

I've been meaning to check this place out and I'm glad I finally did because this place has really cute clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. They have a lot.

One Small Star has been the biggest drain on my wallet since Jen (the artist) moved to DC. Check her out on her website. I hear she's going to start coming.

I always seem to walk away with something wonderful from Remix, especially when not I'm trying to! This time happened to be a beautiful feather hat that.

I've bought three Omegas from the owner Jim of Continental Jewelers, his service was top-notch, and he definitely took great care of me when my Broad Arrow.

Want to shop somewhere where you can trust you are getting the best jewelery and service? Go to Comptons and you will experience a family store where they will help you find what you are looking for. Anything that needs to be fixed, changed or repaired you can take it back and they will care

On a stroll through Cady's Alley in Georgetown, we ended up inside Jewelers' Werk Galerie. From outside this tiny store there is barely a hint of the.

I went to I. Gorman last week to find an engagement ring for my soon-to-be fiance. I have to say that I am not the easiest customer to work with - I wasn't.

A good place to go for creative ideas on jewelry projects - just wandering around the store looking at the beads and samples will be sure to spark your.

Wandering the streets of D.C. on my own with no clue where I was or where to go. This was the type of situation had there been two people, a fight.

This place usually have all the newest watches.The service is very knowledgable, it depends on who you get.This also goes when asking about a watch over the phone.Despite these slightly blemishes it is still the best boutique compare to:Baltimore Inner Harbor or Pentagon City.

As a man, I really enjoy this place, even though there are no clothes for me to buy. On the rare occasion I'm in DC on the first Saturday, I'll try to stop.